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There are 6573 works of art in this category

Battle of Smolensk on 5 (17) August 1812

Hess, Peter von. 1792-1871

A Young Man in a Straw Hat

The Riding School in Saumur ("Le Cadre Noir de Saumur")

Brasilier, André. Born 1929


Turner, Joseph Mallord William (?). 1775-1851

Dogs with a Bull's Head

Vos, Pauwel (Paul) de, c. 1596-1678

Forest Landscape with Figures by the Road

Huysmans, Cornelis. 1648-1727

St Jerome

Mola, Pier Francesco. 1612-1666

The Virgin and Child Under an Apple Tree

Cranach, Lucas I. 1472-1553

Portrait of Alexander N. Seslavin (1780-1858)

Dawe, George. 1781-1829


Porcellis, Jan. 1584-1632

Portrait of Pavel I. Neudhardt (1779-1850)

Dawe, George. 1781-1829

Portrait of a Young Man

Potatoes on Yellow Paper

Guttuso, Renato. 1912-1987

Portrait of Karl O. Pozzo di Borgo (1764-1842)

George Dawe and his workshop

Scene in a Park

Lajoue, Jaques. 1687-1761

Portrait of the Artist's Wife Marfa Yaremich

Yaremich, Stepan. 1869-1939


There are 4169 works of art in this category

Hospital in Odessa. The Facade. Variant B

Thomas de Thomon, Jean-François. 1760-1813

Interiors of the Winter Palace. The Fourth Reserved Apartment. The Corner Room

Hau, Edward. 1807-1887

Ancient Ruins

Clérisseau, Charles-Louis. 1721-1820

Part of the Ceiling

Miniature " Catherine II Holding her 'Instruction' "

Anonymous Artist, third quarter of the 18th century


Mountains. Study

Premazzi, Luigi. 1814-1891

Tournament in Magdeburg in 928

Menzel, Adolph von. 1815-1905


"The View of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan"

Neyolov, Fyodor. Active-early 19th century

A series of 13 postcards: "Hitler as an Artist". Kleinchen

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Interiors of the Winter Palace. The Saltykov Staircase

Ukhtomsky, Konstantin. 1818-1881

"The Facade of the Wooden Greenhouse at Peterhof"

Anonymous Artist, first half of the 18th century

Project of Threshing Barn in Gatchina. Facade, Plan, Section

Quarenghi, Giacomo. 1744-1817




There are 264 works of art in this category

Portrait of the Crown Prince, later Gustav III, King of Sweden (1746-1792)

Anonymous Artist

Miniature "Portraits of Mikhail and Nikolay Kamensky"

Anonymous Artist, first quarter of the 19th century

Portrait of Emperor Paul I

Benner, Jean-Henri. 1776-1836

Relief Portrait of Children

Youth with a Lute

Portrait of Major-General Ya.A. Potemkin, Commander of the Life-Guards Semyonovsky Regiment

Rossi, Pietro de. 1761/65-1831

The Battle between Nader Shah and the Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah

Portrait of Charles XII (1682-1718), King of Sweden

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of a Man (Prince Muhammad Mirza(?))


Imam Ali and Qanbar

Portrait of Ulrika Eleonor of Sweden (1688-1741)

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of an unknown (Venetian patrician? )

Anonymous Artist. 16th - 17th centuries

Horseman on Red Horse

Portrait of M.A.Naryshkina

Lagrenée, Anthelme François. 1774-1832

Portrait of Prince Eugene de Beauharnais,Viceroy of Italy

Prepiani, Girolamo. 1750s-after 1835

Portrait of Napoleon I in Coronation Robes

Soiron Jean-François. 1756-1813


There are 5421 works of art in this category

Panorama of the Neva Embankment in St Petersburg from the Summer Gardens up to St Isaac's Church (2nd sheet)

Elliger, Ottmar, III. 1703-1735

Portrait of General V.V. Orlov-Denisov

Anonymous printmaker

Large Square. Sheet IV

Piranesi, Giovanni Battista. 1720-1778

St Peter Night Festival

Brustolon, Giovanni Battista. 1712-1796

The Rakes's Progress Series. The Marriage - Tom’s desperate sham

Hogarth, William. 1697-1764

"Robert Macaire banquier et Juré"

Rialto Bridge Project. The Right Side

Anonymous printmaker

The Poor Lazarus at the Rich Man's Door

Chief Officer of the Life-Guards Gendarme Half-Squadron


"Robert Macaire Journaliste"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

Portrait of General, Prince P. I. Bagration

Ruscheweyh, Ferdinand. 1785-1846

Holy Family

Bol, Ferdinand. 1616-1680

Madonna with Child

Trento, Antonio da, circa 1500-1550 (? )

Head of an Eldery Woman in a Kerchief

Lanière, Nicholas. 1588-1666